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“Tap Virtuoso is a great escape that we would happily do again.”

Le Monde du Ciné ( full article )

“A most promising performer!”

Broadway World ( full article )


“This is a quality show that is both educational and very enjoyable and will undoubtedly delight all ages.”

Behind the Scenes (full article)

“Aurélien Lehmann is a stunning tap dancer with a style full of flexibility and acrobatics.”

Musical Avenue ( full article )

Tip Dance “composition in motion” Classical music and American Tap Dance interpreted by the French dancer Lehmann as a true "composer in movement" in emotional physical performances, almost a sensorial experience. A confident feeling that made the artistic expression of TAP VIRTUOSO, from Paris to New York, a success that continue. Dance and music like no one had ever seen before in history. A burst of melodica and rhythm. This is the magic of the coral as a cipher, a universal key, which is not born from score nor choreography, only mastery.

(google translated from original article in Italian)

SAN MARINO TV - Italy ( full article )


Preview of the clip Tap Virtuoso
Concert Tap  Virtuoso at the Théâtre du Châtelet (Paris)

Aurélien Lehmann has created a marvelous work for the public, filled with happy contradictions that blend harmoniously. The project is both entertainment and art, serious and playful, out of the past and present with a style that evokes the “concert stage,” old Hollywood musicals and the “music video.”

One of the happiest contradictions is the mix of classical music and tap dancing where we see a fascinating mix transcending continents (Europe and North America), genres (music and dance), styles (classical and jazz) and periods (1700-present). The selected classical music pieces are beautifully played with power and sensitivity by Francois-René Duchâble offering Aurélien a cloud to float on. And it floats, executing excellent “wings” and other “flash” steps before returning to the ground to make bursts of complex sounds. It is clear that Aurélien paid attention to the old tap masters and found a way to reinterpret traditional steps to suit his style and approach to dance.

In addition to the artistic offering, there is a serious and well-executed educational element where the public can learn about some of the important classical composers. It was with pleasure that I contributed on the origins of tap dancing.

Here is a project of depth and sophistication that will surprise and please, educate and entertain. In the immortal words of the Gershwin brothers, "Who could ask for anything more?" »

Tap Master & Professeur d’histoire du Tap Dance Université de Californie, Los Angeles, USA
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